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So as you all have seen SAW A HARDCORE PARODY was released about a month ago. It has blown the doors off the porn world in sales, reviews and peoples reception of this new form of HorrorPorn. On November 19th, in Beverly Hills California…a release part was held for it as well as the Magazine Girls And Corpses doing a feature of their new cover girl and a contest for a spread in their magazine….nah…I’m not gonna be a corpse girl LOLOL The minute I walked in I was swarmed by people, James, Daisy, Jordon Lane, Photographers…I was pulled in ten different directions the minute I got through the door! It was wild! LOL

The SAW release was amazing..so much so in fact that James Wan and Mike Mendez from the original SAW franchise showing up and taking part in the festivities! James Wan by the way is a SUPER nice guy! He was so excited in fact he told me “I am so excited to see this movie!” Then later in the conversation he asked “Who are you playing by the way and are you a survivor?” LOLOL I told him…”I survived…maybe” Couldn’t give the ending away. LOL

Mike Mendez was kind of quiet and seemed to be just absorbing what he was seeing. But he was also very very nice. They gave great hug too. LOL

Dick Chibbles the director and creative genius behind this video was probably the happiest man on earth that night because of the reception this video has received and I was so proud to be a part of it with my Costar James Bartholet, My cuddle bud David Lord, and it was great seeing the ever funny life of the party Evan Stone again (look for our pic together below). LOL Not to forget the ever sexy and always amazing Daisy Layne!!! (What a hottie!) I also got to meet for the first time Superstar Mika Tan…She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! (And also HOT as HELL!!!)

It was just one of the most unforgettable evenings I have ever had.

Check out the super cool article on AVN.com about the release party  HERE

So here are a few of the pics from that night…ok here are a LOT of pics from that night…LOL but they are all great and there are more all over hte place! I couldn’t believe the coverage!!!!! I do want to send a thank you out also to Rick Garcia, Powder, and Gordon Mui for letting me use these images!



Well Hey Everyone!

Sooooo Apparently I am one hell of a sex teacher! Once again I have shot for and have been released in Naughty Americas My First Sex Teacher Line. Its odd how many times I’m cast a teacher for these companies…LOL

In this episode of  “Syren teaching a young guy” I pair up with Danny Wylde…it breaks down like this….

Danny missed his midterm, but Prof De Mer is letting him make it up after class. He goes up to ask her a question, but his pants are unbuttoned and she can’t help laughing at him. After getting a good chuckle at his expense, he loses his cool and wants to know whats up. She calls him over and tells him about his zipper. He is embarrassed and tries to zip up……but she is now intrigued and wants to see what he is packing in those pants.

He does a GREAT job fucking my ass and gives me one of the biggest damn cumshots EVER! He was GREAT and the scene is extra hot.

Take a look at these hot hot pics and you’ll see for yourself!



As some of you may have heard as of July 1st 2010 Lisa Ann has closed her talent agency.  She has so much going on with herself right now that she really wanted to concentrate on so many projects that she didn’t have the time she felt her talent deserved in the running of her agency.  I spoke to Lisa Ann before she announced this and I am honestly so excited for her. She has so many great things going on right now I totally understand where she is coming from in this decision.

To that end though, I had to find me a new agency. Lisa Ann recommended Darby at Vangard Talent a new agency that has just opened up. So I did take some time and researched the various agencies and I have to agree with Lisa Ann, Darby seemed the best fit for me. So as of July 1st 2010 I can be booked through Vangard Talent. Just click the banner below to book me!



Hey sweeties…Ok this is going to be a long one…lol

Back when I was shooting DRILL A Porn SAW Parody I met David Lord. Director Extraordinaire! And he is at that! While we were on the set of DRILL, we talked about a movie he was working on. The Parody of Home Improvement. I was told I’d do great as the “Mom” or the “Jill” aka Jillian Taylor part.  But I wasn’t told I had it…David held two casting calls before he made his decision.  Well a few weeks later David contacted me and told me I had the part. I’ll admit I mayyyyyy have squealed and shouted a bit because I was so excited to get this part and work with him and for Adam & Eve.

So down to LA I went and I met some of the most amazing people! Not only David Lord, but Anthony Rosano,  Adam & Eve Contract Girl Alexis Ford (absolutely stunning by the way!), Randy Spears, Jay Ashley, India Summer, Dane Cross, Seth Gamble, Danny Wylde, and Brynn Tyler. And the awesome camera crew, photographers and the make up artist was Meliss with our props and wardrobe by Wendy. (sorry I forgot your last names ladies!!!!) And our audience “Extras which included Heidi Mayne and many others!

The days were long but it was an amazing experience I hope to relive soon on another feature like this!

I won’t give away any teasers…you’ll have to see the video but I can say this is one of the greatest movies put out this year. But I don’t know when it will be released, as soon as it is I’ll get you the covers!

Here is what you’ve been waiting for though. LOL some of the behind the scenes and pics from the movie.

Here is one of the sets…It was superd and looked just like the original Home Improvement set! with a few minor changes.

This is David Lord, Myself and Anthony Rosano…Me as Jillian Taylor and him as Jim Taylor

David Lord and Myself again going over lines.

Anthony Rosano and Myself…aren’t we a cute Jim and Jillian!

Our three “Sons”…Aren’t they cute!

India Summer and I, damn before I got my new boobs we had like the EXACT same body! she plays my best friend.

Adam & Eve Contract Girl Alexis Ford and I. She’s the Tool times girl. And super HOT!

More of Alexis and I…again…still super hot!

Myself, Anthony Rosano and Alexis Ford…wait till you see our scene!

Ok…this is the Before I become the stunning Jillian Taylor…Pretty hot huh? LOL Melissa Worked absolute MAGIC transforming me!

This is the first of the final out come…pretty sexy Jillian aren’t I?

Look at that long sexy Jillian leg! WOW!

Ok ok…here’s some naked ones. LOL I know you were hoping for these.

Can we say Jillian Taylor has got some Booty!

Here ya go babes….Sexy, naughty, Jillian taylor for ya.

I think I should make a poster out of this one…LOL

DAMN now thats A hell of a Jillian Booty!

Sexy Jillian on the set of Tool Times

I know…you all love some denim and booty…well here ya go

A couple of headshots of Jillian…how do you like the hair? No I did NOT cut my long hair for this part. LOL

Some stunning Jillian shots on the set and showing what a Mom can really be like. Bet you wish you had friends with a mom like me huh?

Well there ya go sweeties…some peeks at the upcoming movie. Again, I don’t know a release date but this is definitely one movie you will NOT want to pass up.  I’ll make sure you know when its out so you can pre order or get it right away.



A few weeks ago I got to work with Joey Silvera for Evil Angel and once again my costar was the fabulous Christian! We always have such a good time when we shoot together. This was for The Mommy X-Perience 2 and it will be released on 8/18/2010. As soon as covers are released i’ll get them posted here.



Ok guys…it’s in stores now!

I shot a while back with Courtney Cummz…she directed a group of us in Seattle and we did Seattle Swingers Party! This is a super hot video with tons of great action. Run on out and get this one!



Ok guys, I have a LOT of blog updates tonight…

The first one is about Bang Bros and shooting with them. It was for their Milf Soup line and it was a LOT of fun! My costar in this was Rocco Reed and he is absolutely Hilarious!!! His facial expressions really made this great! LOL

I was his teacher and just happened to see him walking along the street and being the good teacher that I am, I offered him a ride…In my car…Sheesh! Once I got him in there though…we had to go back to my place so I could pick up some paperwork. Well at my home one thing led to another and well…the pics will show you what happened next…..

So get out to BangBros.Com and watch this video NOW! You won’t want to miss it!



Ok sweeties…here’s the part you’ll like…the pics and my retelling of probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot!

All but one of the pics were taken by Rick Garcia and I’m only showing you a few of them…if you’d like to see the rest…visit his page HERE .

I didn’t know what to expect going into this shoot. LOL I’ve done shoots with scripts before, but nothing on this scale.  Nor with a cast of this caliber. Everywhere I turned there were HUGE named stars and award winners…and…well…ME!

Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn, Evan Stone, David Lord, Asa Akira, Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne, Jack Vegas, Tommy Gunn, Heidi Mayne Daisy Layne, Mike Vegas, Jay Ashley, Jordon Lane, Barrett Blade, Brittney Amber, Johnny Thrust and…My cohort in crime…well…Law…The amazing James Bartholet.  With a cast like that this is sure to be a hit…

But none of us could have done it without the superb Writing and Directing skills of Dick Chibbles!

LOL  I hadn’t ever been cast as a lead role before either so it was kind of intimidating knowing that if I messed things up…it would put the shooting back or blow the whole video. All in all though…I think we ALL did an AMAZING job in bringing Dick Chibbles vision to life!

With that said…This is going to be a HUGE post as I have so many pics I want to share and still slimmed it down from what Rick Garcia took. So lets get to what you really want!


I know I know…James and I make just about the BEST Detective team EVER! And we had a great synergy going. We played off each other and I think we really brought our characters to life.

Ok this is for a lighting test…but I have to show my ass off for ya. LOL

Yep…shooting at the bad guy…But ya have to see the video to know who it is! LOL

A little behind the scene with Ron…I just love him he’s one of the greatest guys ever!

Ok I was a LITTLE silly at times. LOL

I finally got to meet Evan Stone…He is fantastic and what a great cuddler! LOL

This is probably one of the hottest women in the industry today and DAMN…well..just DAMN! LOL Asa Akira…she is a total sweetheart and we got along great.

Ok there was some goofing off with James

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this sandwich!

Yes his fly was closed and I didn’t have a hole in the butt of my jeans…Sheeesh! Course he DID wrestle me into that position…

David decided to help double team me…now THAT would be a hell of a double team!

Helping Jordon Lane put his mask on…He is a HUGE guy! Look at all those muscles! Holy Crap! And I’m on a chair! Hes on the floor! (He liked my boobs too!)

I was trying to make Davids bottle spurt…LOL…then we had to cuddle after it was done. LOL

I really liked Evan…can you tell from the grip I have on him!

I know I’m not in this one with Evan…but come on anyone who can make it shake and move like that had to be pictured! Yes…he is doing the helicopter with his cock! LOL He kept us laughing and our energy level up all the time.

Daisy Layne…She is SUCH a gorgeous and talented woman! I just love her!

I’m interrogating one of the victims…played by Amber Rayne…ok that is a STUNNING Ass!

Deep discussions for James and I with our Boss…Ron.

James and I doing our…don’t fuck with us assholes…we’re the LAW bitches!

Of course if the “Law” grabs my boob he’s gonna pay! LOL

Seductive Syren on the Cop car…Baby…chicks and guns…you have to love that!

got off the car and WHOOPS! skirt rode up a bit. LOL

Ok another ass shot for ya since you all like my ass so much. LOL Apparently James did too!

Again…if you’d like to see more of Rick Garcia’s Images of the shoot and the after party…make sure you visit his site HERE .

I KNOW..yes…KNOW you are all going to just freak out and LOVE this movie. Its going to set a new standard in how things are done over the coming years and introduce a whole new genre to the industry!



If you’re getting this in your email and the linking to Rick Garcia’s site doesn’t work…copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.pbase.com/rickkk/drill_

Well Hey sweeties! I’m doing two posts on this video tonight. The first is the actual press release and the second will be  some of the images and my experience.


(June 1st, 2010 Los Angeles)

Blue Circus Entertainment’s owner and President Dick Chibbles takes off his foam nose, and clown shoes, wipes off his signature face paint, and proudly brings to the porn world a parody to end all parodies.

With a complete All Star Cast including names Lexi Belle, Asa Akira, Amber Rayne, Ginger Lynn, Syren De Mer, Britney Amber, Heidi Mayne, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Ron Jeremy, James Bartholet, Emy Reyes, Jack Vegas, Jay Ashley and David Lord to name just a few.

“DRILL a pornSAWparody” will bring something brand new to the porn industry opening up a completely new genre to the industry.  Unlike anything else DRILL is a dark erotic horror filled with twists and turns of a full original story based off the adult industry with comedic undertones.   With the sex starved comedic Detective Roush (James Bartholet) and the straight laced by the book super cougar partner (Syren De Mer) are on the trail of the killer that is loose in the valley.  Putting the biggest porn stars in diabolical sexual situation in which their performance has to be top notch to escape the clutches of Screwball.  Like every great mystery you can’t let out the entire plot so you don’t ruin the ending.   An adaptation of the SAW movies with some of the hottest sex even jigsaws puppet’s sporting wood.

History took place in the filming of DRILL, marking several firsts. For the first time in over 25 years and possibly the last time in history, the iconic Ron Jeremy was teamed up with porn star legend Ginger Lynn.  David Lord (renowned Director) put on his acting shoes playing “the director David Lord”. James Bartholet, one of the industries top non sex character actors, also had a first, performing in his first on camera sex scene with the sexy Latina adult film star Emy Reyes.

“I thought about this for a long time, it was a matter of waiting for the right script, right role, right director, right price, and right costar. Emy Reyes was great, we had the right chemistry on camera to make it work. Dick Chibbles is an amazing writer and director, and he even let me choose my costar. This was a team project, and everybody did a great job, and I’m happy and proud of the work we did, porn fans and horror fans alike will love this movie”, stated Bartholet.

Non disclosures were signed during the making of this film as to not let any of the other actors involved know what type of fate awaited them.

“I figured to only let the actors that had tons of dialogue have a full copy of the script, because I really wanted true reactions to the devices and situations that we put them into. It really brought out some true emotions during the warehouse screwball scenes.  I can’t believe how cute Lexi Belle dies”, stated director and writer Dick Chibbles.

“Being in the porn business for a decade now I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way” added Chibbles. “To have them be a part of this production is such an honor.  Everyone involved has showed such passion and believes in my vision of this movie, I couldn’t ask for a better cast and crew.  There is only one word that comes close to describe my appreciation Grateful.”

“I’m still on this incredible high from shooting that movie. I can’t stop thinking about it, I’m gonna explode”, said Vegas

“I better win best actor of the year if my character is playing myself”, chuckled Evan Stone, who delivered an Electrifying scene with Asa Akria and Britney Amber.

DRILL will bring the best of the adult industry into the always popular mainstream Horror genre.   B.C.E’s owner Dick Chibbles stated “Well I’ve always been a huge fan of horror movies and in the mainstream world of movies; horror has by far the biggest fan base.  Ever been to a Fangora convention?  Freddie, Jason, jigsaw, Leatherface, they are part of our culture.  I wrote this screenplay and created this in a mainstream frame of mind, carefully to incorporate the shock aspect at just the right times in the film without taking anything away from the sex of course.”

DRILL a pornSAWparody promises to keep you on the edge of your seat while your hands are in your pants.  This is the first of the “Dick Chibbles Presents” series of movies.

For more information, and to arrange an interview with  please contact Galaxy Publicity 310 652 0770 galaxypub@aol.com